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Dream Journal

David Rabinowicz

Paths of Our Hearts

Skunk Manhatten

Seven One

Collin Mullins

About Us

At Soul Suite Media we offer quality over quantity. Whether you need to record, comp, edit, mix, or master, we’ve got you covered. We also love working with all genres of music and we have the knowledge and techniques to professionally handle your genre of music. We want to see your creativity flow with us here a Soul Suite Media

You can find a cheap mix anywhere, but here at Soul Suite Media, we take time to fully understand our artists and their vision. Soul Suite Media is founded by musicians for musicians, therefore we understand how nuanced your music can be.



Recording is where it all starts. We mic each instrument with precision and care, while making sure our artists feel comfortable. We also have headphone sends ready, making communication between the artist and control room a breeze. The next step is dialing in your sound, this provides the artist an opportunity to warm up while we set your volume levels in the control room.


Editing audio is an integral process when creating music. This is where we get your recording ready to be mixed. This includes organizing your tacks, comping, clip gaining, cross fading, eliminating empty space, and pitch correction.


Mixing is where the fun happens. First we eq, compress, and gain stage the mix. We then take the artist's vision and make it reality. We always sit down with our artists to understand what they want out of a mix, who their inspirations are and the direction they want to move with their music.


Masting is the final stage in our process. All of the audio we have recorded, edited and mixed culminate from our individual tracks, through our aux inputs, and into our master. It’s time for dynamic processing. This is where we get our volume and ensure playback sounds great across all mediums.

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